Friday, July 20, 2012

Too Much Knowledge Can Be Dangerous!

Grist Mill, Orleans, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Gorgeous Views

View From Second Level
Gordon, Retired Minister/Historian
I have been blessed with the gift of curiosity... or is it? Wasn't it curiosity that killed a cat? You may be wondering what any of this has to do with photos of a windmill??? 
After lunch, Judy and I wondered off to take pictures and the guys went off to investigate a fly-fishing shop! 
We were in Orleans, Cape Cod, MA, the elbow of the cape, enjoying scenic route 6A. 
We couldn't resist this gorgeous old structure and meandered inside where we met Gordon a kindly and knowledgeable old gent! He explained the history of the mill and invited us up the narrow steep stairs to view the second level! We did so proudly and promptly following right behind him!!! However, what goes up must come down! RIGHT???
My compromised lungs were screaming what the.... have you gotten us into now??? My breathing labored I managed to ask a few semi intelligent questions! Oxygen short circuiting my brain! Then I looked over at Judy whose fair skin tone was now beet red and I knew she had not been drinking. Well past menopause I knew something was very wrong! She was flashing all right and her concerns, turns out were the same as mine!!! How the heck were we getting down??? The guys would never guess where we were and it was too early to call out a search and rescue party. 
Old Gordon just kept on lecturing and was quite interesting. The stairwell however had no railing, was winding, steep and I was getting dizzy just thinking about it, a big black hole, so to speak! It was a Rapunzel kind of moment, only neither of us has long hair! So there we were two ding-bats in the belfry and no prince charming to save us! 
Judy being a person of sound mind and good common sense asked the fatal question..."Gordon, how do we get down from here???" That's easy he replied just hold right here. Well every man for himself, I held onto his shoulder and down we went, he would break my fall I thought, figuring I could turn halfway and help Judy down! But NOOOOOO, she wanted Gordon. Safely down on the first level I watched her gingerly take baby steps to safety. 
Well that was interesting we both agreed! Wondering if we have learned a lesson here, my guess would probably be no, since we both will stop at nothing to get a good shot! 
Once again I have to say that the Almighty put me in the correct century! Women would haul corn from their farms to be ground into cornmeal here and return several days later to haul it back! 
All I have to do is visit a local Dunkin Donuts and buy myself a corn muffin from my air conditioned car, purchase canned or frozen corn and sometimes I even have to shuck it from it's husk. History can really make one think, appreciate and be grateful for what we have today! 
Off on another adventure today, hopefully all on one level!
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Pieces of Sunshine said...

Wonderful photos of a delightful adventure, well, maybe it seemed not so delightful at the time, but a great memory.


Waoo, seems beautiful & amazing clicks..

hootnonny said...

Lovely images, you brave soul. I would have noticed the lack of a handrail (and I bet narrow steps) and declined the tour!

Kim Stevens said...

Oh I loved, no adored this story. Sounds like something I would do and many times I have wondered in my wanderings how many lives I have left, haha! I for one would never have gotten down the stairs without a railing, never! I love the image from the second floor however and that shot of Gordon!!

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

You're like me: fearless for your photography! I love it. Also love those huge wooden gears and the photo looking out the propped open window. Bet you could hardly concentrate on what Gordon was saying as a sense of panic set in on how you were going to get out of there. What a story!

Deanna said...

Ahh what a delightful story and pics, truly a fun tale!!

Butterbean Row said...


I love the shot from the window, especially!
You and your friend really had an adventure you won't forget! Glad you got down safe!


TexWisGirl said...

too funny! but scary!

Amy Burzese said...

I want to say "how funny", but that might not sound very appropriate to you. :) I'm glad you made it to the top and especially back down again safe and sound. That window shot is marvelous!

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