Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Picasso Petunia!

How very lovely is this flower? A small work of art designed by Mother Nature, herself. In the grand scheme of things maybe just an insignificant little blossom, peculiar though, it captured my attention! Blooming comfortably on my daughter's deck this little darling begged me to capture her essence. The grandchildren and I hung hummingbird feeders, which these lovelies also attract. Picasso Petunia's, require very little care and nature has painted them with hot pink centers, framed by lime green frilled edges.
Ah, to just sit, relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, after ride from hell. Fifteen hundred miles from Fort Myers, Florida to Massachusetts, holiday traffic a nightmare. We traveled route 81, hoping to avoid traffic and so did everyone else. I must confess that I turn into a five year old when cooped in a car, far to long and that I did. I need a bathroom and ice cream every half hour and my feet land up on the dashboard. "Not a pretty sight", I must say. I am sure this vision has rattled the cages of a few truckers. The hubster has the patience of a saint and I, that of a spoiled brat. 
I console myself with the fact that the Almighty, really did put me in the correct century, though. Can you only imagine this journey in a covered wagon, looking straight up from the base of a mountain, having to find a different route!!! Oops!!! 
Where is that, Flint McCullough, when you need him?  
Like my little petunia friend, I am firmly planted and glad to be home and so our summer begins......! 

I told you it wasn't a pretty sight! Only a half hour to our final destination from here, a sight for sore eyes! Can't get any closer, in dire need of a pedicure! 
Yes indeed a spoiled brat am I!!!!!!!! 
Enjoy your Holiday!

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Anonymous said...

The petunias are past their season now in my garden...sigh. I love Cape Cod. Enjoy!!! Can't wait to see your posts once you settle in...will probably bring back some very special memories for me.

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

You made me laugh! I'm the same way on a long car ride, though I resist stopping even for bathroom breaks because I know that will just delay the destination.

I haven't seen any petunias with that color scheme around here. It really is lovely.

Enjoy your summer!!

Kim Stevens said...

Yes a gorgeous petunia, and I have to laugh because my feet ended up on the dashboard on our trip to Florida from Texas, partly because they became twice the size. It's not nearly as bad as our road trips to Chicago....ugh! ; )

Mary said...

Those are fun holiday toes. Happy 4th

Nancy Claeys said...

Your toes say it all! Lol. Enjoy!

hootnonny said...

You did Picasso proud! Enjoy your visit!

Pammie Jane said...

:-D Pam

Barb said...

Ha! I always put my feet on the dashboard! Great post - made me smile!

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