Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A New Discovery!

There they stood all mighty and proud
the day was perfect not nearly a cloud
a creature that bravely guards the sea
a creature totally unbeknownst to me
in formation they flew so swiftly and low 
what was this creature I really must know
a toucan, a penguin oh silly me 
what is this bird that lives by the sea?

Walking Fort Myers Beach several weeks ago we came upon these gorgeous creatures. From a distance they looked like penguins. In Florida??? What could they be? The size of a seagull with a much larger wing span they were a joy to observe. We got quite close and my friend commented on the fact that they looked somewhat like a toucan. 
Their lower bill larger than the top bill. 
A bird with an overbite. Isn't Mother Nature a riot? 
Surprises every day! 
Out came the Nature in Florida Bird Book as soon as we arrived home. 
Black Skimmer be their identity, the lower bill cuts and feels the water when food be found the upper bill snaps securely down.
How is it that I missed these lovely creatures for o so long? 
Glad we found them our lives enriched!

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hootnonny said...

Cool birds in their formal attire!

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Those birds are amazing! Love that pop of red on the bills. Makes for a dramatic appearance. What a fun day for photography that must've been!

Pam said...

What a HOOT-

Susan Roux said...

Amazing find. They're just beautiful!

Jennifer said...

Hi Rosemary, Belated happy New Year! Hope you had a nice Christmas holiday. I have never seen these birds before. They do look like penguins! I wonder if they have a common ancestor?

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