Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Assisi, Italy!

St. Francis Basilica... yes that is a rainbow!!!!
St. Francis Basilica, Assisi, Italy
We have been blessed by the Pope and have now been dubbed the "blessed bus" by our tour director. When the forecast says rain we just know the sun will shine and it has! Blessed after all!
A great deal has happened in the last few days. My birthday was spent in Venice and we on a gondola, the experience of a lifetime. Church bells began to ring during our magical escapade and I, beside myself with joy! The music, gondoliers snipping at each other, laughter of my new family of friends, filled the air. Moments in time I will cherish forever! I asked hubby how he was going to top the next birthday??? I believe I heard a grunt!
Tonight we are in Assisi, Italy, here we are visiting the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi. High a top a mountain and the views are incredible. A local guide narrated the history of St. Francis. Walking into the Basilica, melodious chants rang throughout the church. It was a special moment and my senses drank it all in! He was an incredible human being and we are so glad to know more about his legacy. St. Francis, is entombed in the Basilica.
Staying here in the medieval village tonight, we are sleeping in a monastery! A castle like structure, the interior in nun like decor. Not very fancy as you can only imagine. However, this place evokes a special feeling of peace and tranquility. Earlier in the day we had visited the Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua, Italy. Walking by a Friar, we were also blessed, among others!
Any more blessings and I might just be walking on water! Waiting for the stigmata to appear any time soon!
We have met the nicest people from all walks of life. Together we are experiencing small miracles all along the way, coupled with the genius of man! 

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hootnonny said...

You are the first person I know personally (does electronic count as personal?) who's been blessed by the Pope!

Glad your birthday was so magical!

Continued travel mercies.

Gail Dixon (La.Belle) said...

Happy birthday! I spent my 45th in Rome. Venice is an excellent choice too. :) Assisi looks beautiful. I'd love to go there someday since St. Francis is my favorite saint. Hope the sun continues to shine!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Happy Birthday Rosemary! I'm so jealous of your trip. Beautiful structures and scenery!

Carlos Gomez said...

Your pictures are amazing ! We had sooooo much fun... We miss you... I have a video of you and Will in the gondola. Send me your email to share it with you.

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